Church steeples are perfect for the location of the equipment and the
churches are historically one of the highest places in most cities and towns.

As charitable giving is decreasing, due to our economy, churches are
scrambling for cash. I hate to admit this but, churches are considered low
hanging fruit by cellular buyout firms. I'm part of this industry, however I can
do more good than harm.

By their nature church directors are trusting and have faith. I'm not saying
this is a bad thing nor am I in anyway that church directors are bad business
people. The absolute reverse tends to be true. Directors are normally
chosen from the congregation because they are successful business men
and women.

The problem arises out of the fact that the industry speaks a different
language than most business people do not speak. I refer to it as
'Cellulareeze'. Most outside the industry do not speaks it. Why should they?

This is a 'shout out' to the congregations of the many wonderful churches,
Synagogues and Mosques across our country. “Before you sell your cell
site, talk to a cellular seller's advocate or an attorney that is well versed in
the cellular business or you will not get the best price.”

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Church Cell Tower Leases

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Churches are Low Hanging Fruit: Cell Tower Leases

Cellulareese: Cell tower Lease Language

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