The cable or guide wire towers represent the some of the tallest free
standing steel cellular telecom structures, some over 200 feet tall.
cellular leases on these towers considered highly unlikely to be                     if
owned by a cellular carrier or a rower company due to the enormous cost of
construction. These towers are capable of supporting many carrier shelves.

Steel latice towers are normally 50 to 190 feet in height and are also very
expensive. If carrier or tower company owned, there is usually a pretty good
chance they will survive 'termination'. Can support multiple 'shelves - great load
bearing tower.

The fiberglass tower is light weight and doesn't take much concrete to support
the base. Height can reach over 100 feet, but due to the bendable material, it
cannot carry a lot of load.

Tubular steel towers although quickly assembled inter-fitting links of very
heavy duty steel pipes, can be quite expensive due to their immense weight and
need for a large concrete slab. Normally fairly 'termination' proof if owned by a
carrier or tower company. Heights normally in the 70 to 150 foot range. Great
load bearing tower.

Pole cell sight can be made out of fiberglass, steel or wood, such as a
telephone type pole. Heights can be over 100 feet. Can carry medium load of

A steeple cell site takes advantage of a tall church steeples and since
churches prefer a high elevation for visibility it is a perfect match.

A building cell site is normally hidden on the sides of taller buildings disguised
as an overhang. The equipment may be housed on the rooftop.

A stealth or camouflage cell site is normally made of fiberglass and can
resemble a tree or bush, normally a palm tree.

A mast radiator cellular site is one which the very structure is used to transmit
radio signals.

Water towers are popular cell sites due to their geographical location is
normally the highest place in the area.

A mobile cell site is normally a telescoping structure that can be moved to
both test an area or provide temporary service.
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