Will the cell towers go the way the dinosaurs did? Alcatel-Lucent is trying to
do just that. Alcatel is a leading communications equipment company that
has been on a tear with respect to creating greater speed, capacity and
equipment size for cell sites.

In order to keep up with the growing demand for more and better carrier
coverage, more infrastructure needs to built. Cell tower structures are
expensive and time consuming to construct. Alcatel has been the leading
innovator with regards to router speeds, which allow more information to be
processed quicker. The European telecom company's new compact cell
antenna system is called lightRadio, which incorporates radio technology
and base station technology in a single box. The entire system can fit into a
lamp post. Not only are the units smaller and faster, they cost half as much
to maintain.

To keep up with demand, cellular communications need to grow
exponentially in the near future. Cell towers will be replaced with the smaller
less expensive devices. By setting the smaller equipment up in grids,
coverage will be better and have fewer dead spots.

Others are developing similar technology. Does this mean that the huge cell
towers are going away tomorrow? I don't believe so because the demand is
so high that eliminating towers would only worsen the problem. However, I do
have to say that there will be some cell towers that find themselves among a
well placed grid of the new innovative cell sites and the towers will be the site
that dies first.

You tell me. Would you rather look at a 200 foot steel latice tower or a 'lamp
Cell Tower Dinosaur (cont)

Cell Towers: Dinosaurs

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