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Escalation clause - the percentage
increase in rent each period (normally
1 & 5 years)
Co-location rights - the right to
receive a portion of additional rents if
the tenant sub-leases the site to
another carrier
Right of First Refusal (ROFR) - the
right maintained by the carrier to
purchase the lease by matching any
acceptable offer
Term of the lease - the number of
years the lease covers (normally a
series of 5 year options)
Easement or right of way - legal
right for ingress, eggress and pad for
equipment (general or specific)
"We offer you, the cell lease owners, the opportunity to receive multiple actionable offers to
purchase your cell site leases."

Cities, school districts, fire departments and most other municipal entities are restricted
from selling their assets without competitive, sealed bids. We can give you the same
opportunity. You can find out what the value of your cell lease(s) is without committing to a
sale. This will allow you to approach the possibility of a sale with the knowledge of exactly
how much you will receive.

By representing only landlords, Andrew can advise you on current pricing and possible
terms that you, as a landlord, may not even know exist.

Whether you are an
individual, business owner, college/university or a government entity, we
can get you more when you want or need to sell your cell tower cell site(s).

"With over 40 years in the financial markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities,
insurance and cellular consulting, Andrew is well rounded and can help you achieve or
surpass your cellular financial goals." Let him set up an RFP for your cell site lease.

RFPs - Request for Proposals

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Multiple bids to
purchase your cell
tower or rooftop

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No cost!

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