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* Cell Tower Rent Reduction
Did you know that cell carriers can bluff you into reducing the rent? But are
they bluffing?

Cell Tower - FREE Money
A cell site lease is a lot like winning the lottery. Don't blow it!

Cell Tower Myths
How much do you know about your cell site lease?

Cell Site RFPs
This is the way municipalities cell their cell tower sites. Makes sense.

Cell Towers: The Writing is on the Wall
Bell Labs "cube" could make cell towers obsolete

Church Cell Tower Leases
Sometimes considered 'low hanging fruit'

A Worthless Dollar
How $230 Trillion in derivatives will bring us down: economic gravity at its finest

Cell Site Lease ROFR - Right of First Refusal
Absolutely the worst provision you can accept in a cell tower lease

Cell Tower Lease Escalators
Every cell tower site lease should have an escalation clause

Cell Site Co-location Rents (Colos)
How to acquire a percentage of any subletting rents

Negotiating a Cell Tower Site Lease
Don't do this alone. There's more to negotiating this type of lease than you
can imagine

Cell Tower Buyers Have a Big Advantage
These companies can eat your lunch when it comes to lease negotiations
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