Intrigued by the potential to joint venture your existing cell tower or rooftop lease?
Many were, so let me answer the questions I have received.

“Are these the same cellular buyout companies that would bid on my cell
site if I decide to sell the entire lease?”

Yes, these are the cell site lease buyers, though not all of them are interested in
a joint venture. There's only a handful that will bid on a partnership on your cell
tower or rooftop.

“What are the advantages of doing a JV with a telecom buyout firm”?

The obvious advantages are you'll have your cell site managed by a professional
cellular management company. The good news is it won't cost you anything.
Others pay hundreds a month for this kind of service.

“Why would I want to give up half of my cell lease income?”

Maybe you don't. The cell lease partnership (JV) is only for those who wish to
reduce their risk by selling half their cellular lease while enjoying ongoing monthly
cell lease income.

“What happens to the cell tower lease income that would come to me if I did
a JV?”

The cell lease income will be sent directly to you from the cell carrier who is
managing your original lease.

“Does my joint venture partner pay for any of the insurance or real estate
taxes on my site?”

Normally these are negotiated in your original cell site lease and are paid by the
cellular carrier. Remember, that joint venturing or even selling all your cell site
lease does not change the terms of that original cell lease.

“What happens if I want to sell the other half of my cell tower lease down
the road?”

When/if you decide to sell the balance of your cellular site lease, you have a built
in buyer. Normally the cell buyout firm you are joint venturing with is going to ask
for a 'right of first refusal'.
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