Escalation clause - the percentage
increase in rent each period (normally
1 & 5 years)
Co-location rights - the right to
receive a portion of additional rents if
the tenant sub-leases the site to
another carrier
Right of First Refusal (ROFR) - the
right maintained by the carrier to
purchase the lease by matching any
acceptable offer
Term of the lease - the number of
years the lease covers (normally a
series of 5 year options)
Easement or right of way - legal
right for ingress, eggress and pad for
equipment (general or specific)
Now serving cell tower owners internationally. May we help you?

Want to find out what your New Zealand cell tower lease is worth? can make sure you receive multiple bids. Accept,
keep negotiating or reject them all. No obligation and no fees.

These are a few of the New Zealand cell phone and data carriers whose leases
are in demand:
2Degrees Mobile; Black+ White; Sonic Mobile (Modica);
Vodophone; CallPlus; Telecom New Zealand;  Virgin Mobile; Optus and Telstra.

The first question everyone has is, "What's my cell tower lease worth?" Good
question, but there are no simple answers. There are a great number of factors
that go into the evaluating a cell site lease. Here are a few: monthly rent you
are now receiving, the escalation clause in your site lease; do you have
co-location rights; is there a right of first refusal (ROFR) in your site lease; type
of physical structure; what is the location of the cell site, is the carrier a tier 1
company and whether they are being bought out or are merging with another
carrier; the ''cancellation clause in your  site lease; type of service provided by
your site (voice and data vs just data); whether your easement is general or
specific and the time remaining on your lease.

Valuing your New Zealand tower site lease is dependent on a great many
factors and I've listed only a few. As location is important to the value of real
estate, lease terms are as important to a cell lease buyout firm. I know this is a
broad range, but your lease falls somewhere between 175 to 190 (or more)
times your monthly rent, maybe more, maybe a lot more. There's one way to
find out;
get some offers. There is no obligation to sell and if you do choose to
sell your tower lease, all fees are paid by the buyer.

These are a few of the things you'll need for us to put together a package to
present to buyers: copy of the lease; copy of last 3 checks you received;
picture of your structure and the base station.

So, if your New Zealand cell tower lease is in Auckland, Wellington,
Christchurch, Manukau City, North Shore, Waitakere, Hamilton, Dunedin,
Tauranga, Lower Hutt or somewhere in between, we got you covered all over
New Zealand.
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