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By submitting this registration form, 'Registrant' hereby agrees to the following:

1. To pay Inc. an amount equal to four (4) months
rent for each lease including: fiber optics; cellular; billboard, or any and all
other lease purchases made by Registrant. The fee shall be prorated to the
percentage of the lease(s) purchased.

2. The above shall apply for a period of 2 years and shall be applicable to any
and all transactions that are subsequent.

3.  Treat all information, whether oral, written (including emails), given by Inc., as strictly confidential and shall not
be shared outside of the Registrant's company,(due diligence excepted),
either for publicity or profit. Inc promises to treat Registrant honestly, fairly and
without bias. All relevant information regarding this transaction gathered by
Andrew shall be given to all Registrants in a timely fashion.
I/We hereby agree to the above terms and 4 (four) months
rent as the fee payable to Andrew Kellerman if I/We purchase
said lease(s).
I/We are also interested in:
Fiber 'rights of way'
Foreign leases
Billboard leases
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