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Ground Leases
"We are an investment company solely
focused on helping property owners
with an active billboard lease on their
land turn that lease into immediate
cash. Outdoor Equities LLC will
purchase your current billboard lease
in the form of a perpetual easement for
a CASH lump sum payment."

Wireless Capital
Billboard Ground Leases
"Wireless Capital Partners has helped
thousands of clients by providing the
opportunity to access capital. We pay
sizeable lump sum payments to cellular
lease [ and billboard] landlords in
exchange for lease assignments."

Telecom Lease Advisors
Billboard Ground Leases

Landmark Dividend
Billboard Ground Leases
"Landmark knows how much value a
billboard ground lease can have and
we are both willing and prepared to
offer an upfront payment to purchase
your lease and complete the
transaction in the most expedient way
possible. Among other benefits, by
participating in a billboard acquisitions
transaction with Landmark, you are
essentially protecting the value of your
billboard as trends and interests shift
over time. In effect, by selling the
lease you will lock in your billboard's
best possible financial outcome and
receive the rent due to you not
monthly, not years from now, but in one
single transaction."
Communications Capital Group
Billboard Ground Leases
866 574.2355
"Because CCG is a private investor
using our own capital, we decide how
we want to structure a transaction.
This allows us the flexibility to work
with site [adn billboard] owners to
craft deal terms that meet everyone's

Billboard Ground Leases
Greg Silvershein is a partner at
Billboard Property Group and is         
president Grand Equity Corp. Greg has
been a real estate developer for over
25 years. During that time period, he
has developed, owned and operated
office, industrial and retail properties
of over 30 separate buildings in eight
states with a combined square footage
of roughly 3,000,000 square feet.
This is a partial list of billboard lease buyers. Remember these Buyers are out to get you.
Put a professional team on your side. We
guarantee better results.

For Cell Tower Lease Buyers.

Billboard Ground Lease Buyers

Own a cell site? Do you know what it is worth? We set record prices.
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