We have a lengthy track record of netting owners
10 to 15% more for their cell tower leases.

Verizon Wireless has built more cell towers than any other cellular carrier. The
leases are considered the 'gold standard' when it comes to tower buyouts. This
depends on how well you negotiated your lease. Co-location rents (sharing of
sub-lease rents Verizon has made with additional carriers) make a big
difference in the price. Purchase prices are determined by a multiple of your
monthly rent. Verizon sites carry a higher multiple than others, so each dollar
you negotiated in your original lease equates to a hundred or more dollars
when you sell your lease. I've brought in bids of over 200 times monthly rent*
for Verizon tower leases. Want to
sell your tower lease?

AT&T Wireless is a close 2nd behind Verizon when it comes to monthly sales
multiples*. Some Cingular sites (now owned by AT&T) have yet to be
decommissioned due to redundancy. Keep in mind that with AT&T owning two
competing sites, it may be more advantageous for them to shut down the AT&T
site if the Cingular site has better geographical coverage and advantagious
lease financials.
Want to
sell your AT&T cell tower lease?

Sprint still has thousands of redundant sites. This weakens the monthly
buyout multiples, maybe m
ore than you think.

T-Mobile has been on the block, but until that for a long time. There are many
buyers that are not interested in a T-Mobile site if there are no other carriers on
the site. If a merger does go through, there will be a lot of lease
Pricing should be 155 to 165 times monthly rent*. Want to
sell your T-Mobile
cell tower lease?

Cricket.com established in 1999 and is a subsidiary of Leap wireless. unlimited
services without a contract and no credit check, providing access to wireless
services to customers who could not otherwise afford it. Pricing should be 165
to 185 times monthly rent*. Want to
sell your Cricket cell tower lease?

Leap Wireless was founded in 1998 and currently has 7 million users across 34
states as of May 2011. It has purchased at auction a spectrum that gives it
access to more than 110 million potential customers. Presently Leap Wireless is
the 7th largest cellular provider. Pricing: 165 to 185 times monthly rent*. Want
sell your Leap Wireless cell tower lease?

* Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to lease provisions. Prices can
vary wildly due to general financial conditions and speculation with regard to
the particular carrier and site.
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