More Competition for Tower Leases Means Higher Prices

I get two or more new cell tower lease buyers each month asking to be put on our list for scheduled lease auctions. This is leading to higher prices for cell tower financial assets like leases rights of ways and easements. Sellers are enjoying the ride, but there is an end to the balloon. Maybe not now, but a balloon always pops.

Sometimes it is Best to Try to Re-negotiate Your Lease First

Cell hone carriers are changing their tactics as the cost of constructing new towers as expenses soar with the addition of new technology and stricter regulations are implemented. Carriers need longer commitments so they can take advantage of the growing lack of new towers that other carriers need to fill in their dead spots.

Even if you have 10 years or more left on your original lease, it is my opinion that the lease may be able to be enhanced. With a better lease, the value goes up tremendously and that’s what counts if an owner wishes to cash in. Even if selling a cell tower lease is not an option at this time, a better lease will bring more monthly revenue.

There are no promises, but I think it is worth looking at.

Andrew G Kellerman has a unique financial background in Real Estate, Mortgages and Securities that gives him an understanding of cell tower/rooftop leases that few consultants can match.

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