Cell Tower Site Lease Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFPs or Request for Proposals are formal invitations to bid on a service or project from municipalities, schools, fire stations and most entities that are public. By holding an auction where all participants operate by the same rules prevents, what Sarah Palin would call, “crony capitalism”.

Same is true when a public entity wants to raise some capital. There's a real need for additional funds to prevent having to lay off police, teachers and fire fighters. Budgets are tight and sometimes it becomes necessary to sell an asset, even one that has a nice cash flow that in more ordinary times would be considered unheard of. But, you do what you have to do. They are right to insist that they get the best offer they can possible get.

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RFP Procedure

A RFP (Request for Proposal) would begin with the school board, city council or county administrators voting on the sale of one or more of the cell site leases they own. There would be a public notice of their intent. Often times there would be a public meeting so the citizens (tax payers) could chime in, either yea or nay.

The legal council would prepare the 'Bid Instructions' containing a detailed description on what was being sold, what they would like to see as far as the terms of the acceptable offer should be. These instructions are posted and invitations are sent or the public notice is posted for bidders to find (a little like Easter eggs).

Cellular buyout firms would register and provide all the credentials required. Once instructions are received and questions answered there would be a 'quiet time' where no contact is allowed. A date for all bids to be in is given. The public entity has the right to accept, reject or negotiate further and often times will divulge the top bid and ask for a final bid.

Some states require that all public entities operate in this fashion. Some smaller ones will negotiate without the formal competition.

Competition breeds the highest offers. I've seen some pricing for cell sites that would be unheard of if a cellular buyout firm was negotiating singularly with the public or the private cell site owner.

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Informal RFP

By breeding an RFP (Request for Proposals) with a blind auction, we created the perfect sales tool that has proven to bring the very highest bidder and gives you, the seller, the opportunity to accept, negotiate or decline any offer. 1st-CellTowerBroker.com, Inc. only earns their fee when they are able to find you a buyer's offer that is acceptable to you and when and if the transaction closes escrow.

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