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Escalation clause - the percentage
increase in rent each period (normally
1 & 5 years)
Co-location rights - the right to
receive a portion of additional rents if
the tenant sub-leases the site to
another carrier
Right of First Refusal (ROFR) - the
right maintained by the carrier to
purchase the lease by matching any
acceptable offer
Term of the lease - the number of
years the lease covers (normally a
series of 5 year options)
Easement or right of way - legal
right for ingress, eggress and pad for
equipment (general or specific)

Interested in finding out what your cell site lease is worth before you decide to sell? We can
help you. can arrange multiple bids for your lease(s). Accept one
of the offers, continue to negotiate or reject them all, your choice. No cost or fees for
handling your sale.

In my experience I believe that one of the best ways to sell a property that has a cell site is
to get bids on the cell site lease and advertise the property as 'Property for Sale With Build
in Down Payment (the cell site lease may or may not cover the down payment, so careful of
your claims).

Having 'actionable' bids on your property gives maximum exposure to your property and
allows a potential buyer to make a decision to keep  the cell site and the income or sell the
site and lower the overall price of the property.

Property hunting? You may want to keep your eye out for a property that has an existing cell
site. The economic benefits can be tremendous. The income stream is a great and mostly
safe monthly receipt that increases either each year or each 5 years.

The benefit of purchasing a property that has a cell site lease is that you can sell the tower
lease and close concurrently with the purchase of the house or business. Thus lowering
the cost of the property.

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