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Escalation clause - the percentage
increase in rent each period (normally
1 & 5 years)
Co-location rights - the right to
receive a portion of additional rents if
the tenant sub-leases the site to
another carrier
Right of First Refusal (ROFR) - the
right maintained by the carrier to
purchase the lease by matching any
acceptable offer
Term of the lease - the number of
years the lease covers (normally a
series of 5 year options)
Easement or right of way - legal
right for ingress, eggress and pad for
equipment (general or specific)

Is your college or university in a 'cash crunch' and could use some much needed funds to
keep from laying off staff or dropping a popular school program? Often times it is prudent to
look at the opportunities available such as selling an asset. We can help to make sure you
receive the highest purchase offer possible for your cell site leases. Take a look at the offers
then decide if it is in the school's best interest. can set up an open bidding process referred to as an RFP or
Request for Proposals. This insures that all known interested cell tower buyers will be
notified and given the information necessary to make a decision regarding an offer for the
school's cell site lease(s). The potential buyers will then be given your contact information
so you may discuss your terms that would interest the school. There is a possibility that a
joint venture may be arranged allowing some cash, continued lease payments and
professional management that could actually increase your revenue over time.

We highly recommend that you use a
cellular consultant or an attorney that is well versed in
cell site lease purchases. What you don't know can cost you tens of thousands of dollars
when selling your school's cell site lease.

College/Universities: Cell Site Lease(s)

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