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Silicon Valley's 'dot com' bust. Remember it? All of you aren't old enough to
remember the absolute slaughter that took place. The Internet was breeding
new technologies, new applications and billions of new websites while
soaring to new heights. Values were absolutely astronomical, but economic
gravity prevailed, like it always does, and values plummeted just like the self
inflicted Ponzi scheme that it was.

What does this have to do with cell towers and cell tower leases? I hope I
don't sound self serving and seem as though I'm 'fear mongering', but just
stand still a moment and look around. Everyone around you has a cell
phone, iPod, iPad or other 'air wave' fed electronic devise.

Sure, there needs to be more cell towers to fill in the dead spots (Can You
hear me now?), but open your eyes and look into history; it does repeat
itself. The warning signs are there: Country is still in decline. Inflation is
going to smack us hard in the not too distant future; interest rates will have
to go up to attempt to stop the surging inflationary pressures; and 'pop'
goes the bubble.

Cell tower buyers operate on risk reward principles. I can't say this enough
times. When the risks increase the rewards need to grow proportionately.
What does this mean to cell tower acquisitions firms? They will need a better
return when they buy cell leases. This means lower prices.

Maybe it's time to look into trading your cell site for another asset class that
is not in a bubble phase.

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buyout offers?

Cell Tower Lease Bubble (part 3)

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