Are there any fees, commissions of any kind for using your evaluation services?

No, all our fees are paid by the potential buyers.

Do I have to sell to the highest bidder?

Absolutely not. The potential buyers are advised that you are not committed to sell
your leases in anyway.

What assurance do I have when it comes to handling of my lease and the payment
for my lease purchase?

All lease purchases are handled through an escrow and are insured by a title

If my lease can be terminated with as little as 90 days notice, why would a
company want to purchase my cell tower lease?

Only about 3% of leases are ever terminated, but if you were one of the 10,000 to
12,000 leases that were canceled when At&t and Cingular merged or are one of the
15,000 Sprint or Nextel lease owners who can expect a serious number of
cancellations due to redundancy, you can appreciate the fear that the carrier leases
will disappear. Large owners of cell leases can absorb the 3% and price that into
their offers. Landlords suffer more severely because it is either have or have not.

Why are some cell carriers leases valued higher than others?

Credit worthiness! Smaller carriers are subject to being taken over, thereby creating
redundancy and then terminations. Verizon and AT&T can be valued at 200 or more
times the monthly rent, others may be worth 150 to 190 times monthly rent.

Is a tower with multiple carriers worth more than a single site on a rooftop?

Yes,  because the tower costs much more to construct, it is less expendable,
however as technology develops, fewer sites, including towers, will be eliminated.

What are co-location rents?

When Carriers negotiate leases they often offer to share the future rent they will
receive from sub-leases. Due to landlords not being informed and not using an
experienced cell site attorney, many landlords do not receive these additional

When a purchaser offers me a 'future co-location' rental agreement along with a
purchase agreement, what should I do?

Take it! And ask for more. This is potentially worth a lot to your estate and future
generations. The buyer is limited, most of the time, to the original lease terms,
however when the original lease expires the buyer can renegotiate better terms,
allocating some to you as future co-location rents or 'co-los'.

What happens if I sell my site lease and the carrier terminates the lease, do I have
to give any portion of the purchase price back.

NO! It is not your problem. The buyer absorbs all of the risk.

What if I want to do a 1031 Exchange, will the Buyer allow me the extra time I may
need? (Please see an attorney that deals with cellular property transactions)

Normally, you shouldn't have any problems as long as you let the Buyer know upfront.  
Do keep in mind that you are receiving payments in advance from the lessee and this
could affect the purchase price, especially if you are receiving yearly payment.

What term will buyers want for the assignment of my lease?

Normal terms are 30, 40 year and what is referred to as 'perpetual'. Some firms will
only do a perpetual assignment. Longer the term, the more the offer, however the
dollars received 40+ years from now don't have much value today.

What, if for tax purposes, I want to do an installment sale, will the buyer

Yes, not only should the Buyer co-operate, they would normally pay more for the lease
as this increases their IRR if they can guarantee the additional payments with a letter
of credit and not have to put funds into escrow before closing. That said, some
companies are not set up to make multiple payments and have a small box their offer
needs to fit into.

Do I need an attorney?

Yes, and it is better to contact an attorney familiar with cell leases or you could end up
paying more due to the attorney's cell lease education.

What documents will I need?

At first you will only need your lease and the Letter of Commencement (if you have it).
Eventually you will be asked to supply copies of 3 to 6 (could be more) check stubs
received from the Lessee, a mortgage statement if there is a mortgage on the
property,a credit application (to make sure their are no outstanding judgements or
lawsuits pending).

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