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1st-Cell Tower Broker International is dedicated to giving you, the cell tower
owners the best alternative when you decide to sell. Our formula is simple.
"competition breeds bigger offers".

It is simple to get the most for your cell site lease. 1.
Register your lease
information 2. Email us a copy of your lease, copies of last 3 months checks
from your carrier tenant and pictures of your site and base equipment 3. We will
contact the heads of the cellular acquisition firms and each interested bidder
will contact you directly.

The greatest part is that you can accept an offer, negotiate further or decline
all the offers. And don't worry about our fees. We require that the successful
buyer, if an offer is accepted, pays our small fee.
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I've a New Zealand cell tower. What is it's value?

Can I sell my Vodafone cell tower lease in Australia?
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