Each is Becoming the Other

Last week e talked about using your cell phone to use the Internet and using your computer for verbal communications like using a phone. The functions for the devices are becoming similar and each is becoming the other. Not only does this seem to be a competitive disadvantage for each it seems to me to border on being duplicitous.

Cell Phone as Internet Router

Cellular phone manufacturers, in their fever to be everything to everyone, have now figured how to turn the cell phone into an Internet router or even a ‘hot spot’ for multiple computer connections. Using USB cables or BlueTooth, I can use my cell phone same as I would an Internet wireless router.

Hook My Cell Phone to Internet Router

I can also hook my cell phone up to my Internet wireless router to surf and download data. I’m not even going to try to explain the ‘how to’ in this article. there are many websites that can do this much better than this blogger. My only interest in this is from my prospective as a financial consultant in the cellular industry, advising those who wish to renegotiate or sell their cell tower or rooftop leases. That interest is: what’s going to happen to these leases, now and in the future.

Valuations of Cell Tower Leases

In order to stay ahead of what’s coming I need to get a sense on where the two industries (cellular vs WiFi) are headed. Here are my questions hen I look at the evolution of the relationships between computers vs cellular bring. Will the need for cell towers diminish or increase? Will cellular transmission of WiFi continue to grow? Will VOIP continue to cut into cell phone business? Or will each industry merge with each other or grow separately into to unique forms?

We haven’t got into television yet. Will we get TV over our cell phones? Be able to make calls on our TVs? That discussion is for another day.