Churches are Low Hanging Fruit

Churches and other non-profit organizations like the Elks Club (BPOE) Kiwanis and the Lions Club, are what are considered ‘low hanging fruit’ when it comes to cell site towers and rooftop buyouts by the telecom lease aggregators. Their cell phone assets are normally undervalued and under priced.

Being a not-for-profit religious or social organization somehow makes them easier prey for both a cell phone carrier negotiating a lease and lease buyers. It may be the the very nature of being a non-profit organization that gives companies the idea that since they don’t seem to be trying to make a profit they would or should sell their assets for less.

Cell Site Lease Escalators

I’ve seen monthly lease offers from cell phone carriers to place a tower or a rooftop antenna on these properties that were half of what the same carrier is paying a few miles away. Absent from these offers were co-location rent sharing and many times even a market escalation figure.

lease consultant is almost always needed, but rarely used. The benefits should be obvious for a cell site lease consultant being in on the negotiations. Beside having knowledge of the recent financial trends in the telecom industry, a consultant can spot opportunities in thee negotiations that would otherwise be overlooked because of the lack of experience in dealing with telecom leases.

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Andrew G Kellerman’s financial experience is: VP, Thomson McKinnon; Corp and US Bonds; Stocks; Commodities; Options; Insurance; Real Estate; Mortgages; Cell Phone site Lease Consulting and Sales