1st-CelltowerBroker.com, Inc. offers a service quite like no other. A unique no-money guarantee (no money up front). “If you are not satisfied with what we negotiated, don’t pay us”, Andrew Kellerman, CEO. This applies even if you choose to accept the lease.

We feel that this is a showing of what our abilities are and how we are willing to back them up.

  • Won’t the cell phone carrier just walk if your negotiations don’t meet our expectations?
  • What happens if we choose to change consultants in the middle of negotiations?
  • Have you ever had anyone not pay you for a lease negotiation?
  • How long have you been doing this?

Will the Carrier Walk?

If you have an offer from a cell phone carrier to put a cell tower or rooftop on your roof, they are very reluctant to walk away from any negotiations. They have spent anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 on engineering already, so they will hang in there.

For the most part, each cell phone company will have contracted with an outside consultant (salesperson) to hammer you for the best price possible. They will hammer you because they get paid on the outcome of the resulting lease.

Changing Consultants is as Easy as Changing Your Socks

Not happy with the way negotiations are going? You can call anyone else you wish. You can get a partial list from our list of cell phone lease consultants.

Anyone Choose NOT to Pay 1st-CellTowerBroker.com?

We must be doing something right. We have never had anyone choose to not pay us for negotiating a lease or re-negotiating a lease. Our clients are happy clients.

1st-CellTowerBroker.com’s Experience

Andrew Kellerman, CEO and President of 1st-CelltowerBroker.com Inc. has been in the business dealing with cell tower leases for about seven years. He was trained by one of the top lease agragators in the nation, APWIP. The corporation structure was brought about for the need for tax advantages.

Andrew Kellerman was brought up in the financial world, with 10 years in stocks, bonds, commodities, stock options and over forty years in real estate and mortgages. His team is among the best in the nation. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Give him a call and talk over your situation 760-470-1782.