You Need Knowledge on Your side., Inc.’s as Cell Tower Lease Consultant negotiating expertise can make your cell tower lease more valuable and produce more income. There are just so many lease advantages that the cell tower owners are not aware of. The new twist is being added all the time. If these potentials are not contemplated when negotiating a lease or a sale of a lease, there will be a lot of money left on the table. As a Cell Tower Lease Consultant, That’s just a fact.

Negotiating a Cell Tower Lease

Whether you are negotiating a new tower lease or renegotiating a renewal of an expiring lease, the cell phone carriers are using very experienced negotiators. It is not a fair fight. They will come out the winner. There’s no need to ‘roll over’ and let them end up with all the financial advantages. We can help you to see where the weaknesses are and help shore those up. You’ll end up with more income and a lease that will be valued higher (lease buyouts), should you decide to sell your lease someday.

More Value When You Sell Your Cell Tower Lease

A better lease has better value. We know how to help you to receive those benefits resulting in a lease that has more value when you get ready to sell the lease. There are economic benefits that can go beyond the initial sale. Many buyers may promise you some or all of these, but only a few can/will deliver.

A Financial Analysis will be Provided: ‘What if’ Scenarios

When you contact with a Cell Tower Lease Consultant for negotiating a cell tower lease or the sale of a cell tower lease you will be up against experts. You need knowledge on your side. Whether you need a consultant or a cell tower broker, we stand ready to help.

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Andrew G Kellerman, CEO of, Inc. financial background includes: Stocks; Bonds (Treasury and Corporate); Commodities; Options; Insurance; Real Estate: Mortgages; Cellular Lease Consulting and Lease Sales