“Asking $1,000 more a month may be too much or maybe not enough…”

A cell tower lease negotiation requires a professional to represent you, the landlord, that is if you want true market rate. Every lease is different as is every cell site and a tenant’s critical need for your particular location. Asking $1,000 more a month may be too much or not enough. Cell phone carriers often make, by sub-leasing to other carriers, $10,000 or more each month, so an increase to an offer to lease your property may be peanuts to them.

You will seldom get a straight usable answer when you try and get a feel for what lease rates should be for a ‘like kind’ site, as the need for your site is not going to be disclosed. The firm that may be hired to negotiate for the cell phone carrier may not even know how important the site is to the infrastructure of that carrier’s coverage.

A schooled telecom financial advisor knows how to get to the bottom of this often perplexing conundrum and get you the best set of terms under the best and worst circumstances.

Andrew G Kellerman was trained in the telecom industry and has successfully negotiated with many Fortune 500 companies representing landlords. Whether you are negotiating a new lease or re-negotiating an existing lease, don’t go it alone.

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