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American Tower Company
877 282-7483
"American Tower is a leading owner
and operator of communications sites
for the wireless and broadcast
industries. Our global solutions
include over 37,000 towers, 2,000
managed rooftops, in-building and
outdoor DAS (Distributed Antenna
System) networks, and a suite of
services that speed network

Landmark Dividend
"Landmark Dividend LLC is the national
industry leader in telecom and
billboard ground lease transactions,
providing value, capital and liquidity to
qualified property owners who lease
land for cell tower and billboard
assets. As the market leader, Landmark
offers a wide variety of products and
services to its clients from outright
lease acquisitions to long-term

Telecom Lease Advisors
"Cell sites or wireless sites have many
different looks and disguises – cell
towers, rooftop antennae, church
steeples, flag poles, light poles,
monopalms, just to name a few – and
the underlying leases of these
structures can be converted into a
large lump sum of cash through the
Lease Acquisition Program offered by
Telecom Lease Advisors (“TLA”)."

Wireless Capital
"Turn future rent from your cellular
lease into the certainty of cash today.

Wireless Capital Partners has helped
thousands of clients by providing the
opportunity to access capital. We pay
sizeable lump sum payments to cellular
lease landlords in exchange for lease

Communications Capital Group
866 574.2355
"Founded in 2007, Communications
Capital Group (CCG) is a wireless
infrastructure investment company
formed to build a portfolio of cell site
locations and, at the same time, give
landlords the opportunity to better
leverage their undervalued cellular
revenue stream. We offer a
transparent approach to the business,
our investment interest and the
criteria we use to structure our

Unison Site
"As the largest independent cell site
management company in the nation,
Unison uses its scale and financial
strength to create and capture more
value for our cell site owners. You'll
benefit from the knowledge and
experience of our nationwide network
of wireless lease experts who
understand the wireless lease issues
unique to your local market. Our team
has worked with more than 3,000 cell
site owners since 2003 to help them
achieve their goals."

Crown Castle Cell Tower
"In 1994, Crown Castle began its
communication tower operations in
Southwest Texas. Today, we have over
23,000 towers. One of the reasons for
our success is the strong relationship
we have with you, the landowner."

(866) 460-5559 or (919) 469-5559
"To date, TowerCo has acquired over
3,000 towers in 47 states and Puerto
Rico. TowerCo has developed a
reputation for not re-trading the terms
after deals are struck and for
completing the deals on schedule.
And we're very interested in acquiring
more. From you."

TriStar Investors
877 282-7483
"Everyone’s talking to you - and it’s not
necessarily straight talk. Everyone
wants a piece of your land. They’re
sending you different signals because
if you knew the real worth of your cell
tower property, you’d cut them off.

Your land is worth a great deal
because of its location inside the
wireless telecommunication network.

How much is your land really worth?
TriStar will tell you. No mixed signals.
Just straight talk".

Barkley Tower Capital
914 925-0404
"Barkley Tower Capital, LLC has
created solutions to help protect the
interests of the wireless facilities
Property Owners. Barkley Tower
Capital, LLC realizes that the owners
of property being leased to wireless
telecommunications companies could
benefit from converting their lease
income into a large, one-time lump
sum cash payment. This is because of
the unique way in which wireless
telecommunications tower and
antenna leases are written."