Cell Phones Could Be the Next Cell Towers: Cell Tower Terminations Anyone?

You knew it was coming. Technology has a way to get to the best out of the least. That’s what capitalism is all about. Make the cell phone act as a router for other calls from other users, ‘a tower in your pocket’, so to speak. One of the largest telecom technology companies working on this concept for years is Qualcomm and they predict new cell phones with the capacity to answer and/or forward calls. The new phones will have this ability to do this with or without the without the use of a macro cell (tower or rooftop cell site).

Using long term environment technology (LTE) the phones can be used to advertise for retailers within 1,500 feet. This goes way beyond the capacity of Bluetooth, which may or even be turned on.

Hey John, we’ve got that new laptop you’ve been researching on the Internet”.

This will give the cellular companies two advantages that they do not have presently: 1. a lesser need to build new cell towers or roof top cell sites and 2. an added income source through close proximity advertising. Imagine walking past a computer store and getting a text, “Hey John, we’ve got that new laptop you’ve been researching on the Internet”.

Now the Good News: More New Carriers on Fewer Towers: Co-Location

The cost of installing new cell towers has priced itself towards the end of oblivion. Between zoning, engineering and new regulations, the more efficient path to better cell coverage is to share the already existing cell sites.

This should be great news for the few cell towers that are needed to fill the remaining large areas that still exist that have enough viability to generate a substantial profit and to complete the saturation that is required to compete in this industry.

This is going to greatly improve the cash values of the cell site leases that can take advantage of future negotiations among the cell phone carriers an their landlords.

Andrew G Kellerman is a financial advisor in the telecom industry, dealing with many Fortune 500 companies. Background in stocks, bonds, commodities,and options as VP for Thomson KcKinnon Securities, with over 30+ years in all aspects of real estate and mortgages.

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