Sell Your Cell Tower Lease?

I’ve run into lots of cell site lease owners who can’t make up their minds on whether they should sell their lease or keep their lease. I can understand the quandary. It’s not always a black or white type decision. Often times the indecision may seem a little gray.

Cell Site Lease Joint Venture

There is a solution. Sell half interest in your cell site lease. As a lease consultant I’ve seen this as the perfect solution for some. It’s a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ type of a solution. There are many benefits to this type arrangement, even over selling your lease outright.

Your Cell Site Lease Partner: Management Team

When you ‘partner’ your site lease with the right telecom lease buyer you get all the benefits of the professional management that buyer brings. The re-negotiation of the lease, when it nears expiration, is going to be the best because the buyer owns half the lease. Any possibility of adding to the financial circumstances surrounding that lease will be watched closely.

The Right Cell Site Lease Buyer Will Have Your Interest at Heart

There are telecom (cellular) buyers that would make very good partners because they bank (keep) their leases and don’t package and sell them to Wall Street or private investors who have no desire to do anything other than clip coupons.

Before you try and negotiate a joint venture or any other telecom transaction get a quote. You will be money ahead. 760 470-1782

Andrew G Kellerman’s financial background includes: VP, Thomson McKinnon, Stocks; US and Corp Bonds; Insurance; Commodities; Options; Real Estate; Mortgages; Cell Site Lease Consultation and Sales