It always amazes me that cell phone users have very little understanding on how their cell phones connect to one another. They will get angry when they can’t quickly download a new tune while driving because coverage is weak. these are the same NIMBY (Not in my backyard) that will raise cane if some cell phone carrier tries to improve or originate coverage in an area.

Cell phone coverage is more than that, it is used for portable devices using voice, texts, music and even streaming movies. The intricate web that this information needs to travel is astonishing. Information might travel across the United States or even around the world. Dozens of connected cell towers may help make this journey possible. The cell tower technology has to choose the best, fastest and less congested route.

I still remember the operator asking, “Number please.” ‘Phones’ have advanced to the point that they have multiple times more computing power than those that controlled the first Apollo flights. Want the convenience of these innovations? I’m not so sure. Some believe they couldn’t live without it.

The cost of a professional to help negotiate a new cell tower lease or re-negotiate (before the lease is up) is so small compared to the added value a financial advisor who lives and breaths these documents can add to your lease.

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