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"Billboard Property Group is a full service
billboard lease acquisition company,
focused on growing a portfolio of diversified
billboard leases from property owners who
have billboard advertising structures on their
We buy leases on a perpetual easement
basis and pay fair market prices, thereby
creating an opportunity for property owners
to sell their non-core billboard lease assets
at top value, and reallocate their capital."
"Renfroe Outdoor Advertising has over
twenty-five years experience in the outdoor
advertising industry, owning and operating
advertising structures in middle Georgia
since 1978."

Arnold Outdoor
"It's big, it's bold and it demands attention
Outdoor ads are the most cost effective form
of advertising available - lowest cost per
thousand. Outdoor advertising allows
businesses to target specific geographic
areas - minimizing wasted exposure."

Look Billboards

Welcome to the Heart of Lake Country!

LOOK Advertising is one of Southern
Oklahoma’s most unique media companies.  
Our innovative implementation of cross
marketing and digital technology is making
national news in our industry and providing
customers in our area with some very Digis
Big Heartunique, unparalleled and extremely
cost effective advertising opportunities."

Mollman Outdoor
"Since their inception, billboards have been
one of the most effective means of
advertising.  Quite possibly the only media
that is intrusive and cannot be ignored,
billboards guarantee your message will be
seen. We are a group of readily mobile
people with the average time we spend
traveling to and from the soccer match or
grocery store being fifteen hours per week."
advertising message utilizing a variety of
billboard outdoor media. From billboards
and  digital billboards to poster billboard
showings, mobile billboards, malls, transit,
taxi tops, airport displays, movie theaters or
one of the many other form of out of home
"Laurence T. McCurdy III has over 22 years
of billboard experience in the Outdoor
Advertising Business. He is responsible for
the financial needs of the company and
assists with day to day operations."
"Bulldog Mobile Billboards provides a unique,
effective and exciting advertising medium for
businesses. Mobile Billboard advertising
works well by itself, or as a complementary
form of marketing that increases the
effectiveness of your existing marketing
campaigns by bringing in new business and
increasing market awareness."
"CBS Outdoor covers all the top markets in
the United States. As the largest outdoor
media supplier in the nation, we offer
coverage in small markets, large markets and
everything in between. Each market carries
at least one CBS Outdoor media type, with
some markets carrying a wide selection of
outdoor advertising, such as billboards,
digital, transit, Street Furniture and more."

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:
CCO) is the world's largest outdoor
advertising company with close to one million
displays in 45 countries across 5 continents.

In the United States, Canada and Latin
America, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas
operates over 200,000 advertising displays
and has a presence in 48 of the top 50
markets with the potential to reach over 56%
of the U.S. population every day. With a
growing portfolio that is made up of over half
a million displays, Clear Channel
International (CCI) works with advertisers to
create inspiring out-of-home advertising
campaigns in 30 countries across Europe
and the Asia-Pacific region."

Vital Outdoor Advertising
"Vital Outdoor is a full service, out-of-home
advertising company. Our many billboard
locations within the Oklahoma City metro and
surrounding areas, including digital and
tri-vision faces, enable us to assist anyone
who is looking to make the most of their
advertising dollar. We take pride in our work
and value each and every client we work
Whether you want to sell your billboard or want to sell your plans and permits, looking for a
long term lucrative ground lease, these are some of the largest buyers out there. By the
way, they also have the deepest pockets. IS YOUR COMPANY LISTED?

For cell tower lease buyers.          For billboard lease buyers.

Billboard Operators

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