Cell tower or rooftop leases are fairly short as far as length goes, so negotiating one of these leases is not rocket science nor is it brain surgery. I don’t think I’m being too harsh when I say, “A well negotiated cell tower lease is worth a small fortune”, and “A poorly negotiated lease is a travesty”. The difference of the cash value of these two potentials can be 300% or more.

I’ve had so many folks call me. They start out with, “Verizon (or whoever) just contacted me about putting a tower on my property or a rooftop on one of my buildings…”. Then they proceed to ask questions about what should they ask as a monthly rent, or, Is $500 a month enough? Or, Is $2,000 a month too much? Folks, there are so many aspects of a good lease, I could easily go on for hours.

Terms of a great lease are not only escalators, monthly rent and the term of the lease, they involve possible longevity, geography and intentions of the cell phone carrier. Every scenario can differ. If and when you get ready to sell your lease is an awful time to find out that your lease is considered sub-standard because you, could a, would a or should a.

The cost of a professional to help negotiate a new lease or re-negotiate (before the lease is up) is so small compared to the added value a financial advisor who lives and breaths these documents can add to your lease.

Andrew G Kellerman’s expertise is in the telecom industry, dealing with many Fortune 500 companies. Background in stocks, bonds, commodities,and options as VP for Thomson KcKinnon, with over 30+ years in all aspects of real estate and mortgages.

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