It’s Monday and the markets are again worried about the uncertainty about the world ‘s economy and the extreme inflation suppression that has gone on for 2o years. Will it explode? Will the feds HAVE  to raise interest rates? The markets do not like the unknown and often react violently.

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Sam Ro
August 30,2015
US futures are trading in the red, signaling more volatility for the US stock markets when they open on Monday
Dow futures are down 177 points, S&P futures are down 22 points, and Nasdaq futures are down 46 points.
This follows what’s being interpreted as hawkish comments from Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
“Given the apparent stability of inflation expectations, there is good reason to believe that inflation will move higher as the forces holding down inflation dissipate further,” Fischer said on Saturday during a panel at the Kansas City Fed’s Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.”

Fixed rate investments, even ones that adjust yearly in an attempt to keep up with inflation, act in reverse to interest rates.

History has proven over and over again that ‘down is faster;. All things are affected by gravity, even economics. All bubbles eventually burst.

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